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Friday, February 26, 2010

Rumah Contoh

These are NOT in Lavenderhome. But, this is our hobby on weekends.....

Visiting Rumah Contoh....anywhere ....which made us question "Why we did not buy this house instead?"


Children Room

...inspired with the design...can accommodate two kids (suit for Zarif Amsyar & Zarif Syihan) need beds, just install platform and the mattress only

Yet so simple.with decorative wall..and safety confident (Look Zarif Syihan is playing with the Bob displayed there. He likes the room very much)

Guess Room...Bilik Tetamu

Inspired with the curtain is not a fabric material. (look what was Zarif Syihan looking at?)

Owwhh...same concept..NO bed...a platform and a mattress with bedhead plus a mirror to double-up the space view

Simple make-up table

see through Bathroom

This bathroom located in the Master Bedroom..The room is very big..half side of the house.


This is a semi-D house..40 x 80 ft..very big and I think no need for any extension...should be called a villa..This villa worth up to a million...Wow wow wow..include timber floor, alarm system, automatic gate.

But, Me was disappointed with the so-called Maid Room located at the lower level (actually it is outside the house)

Rasanya tak sampai 2m x 2m luasnya..and untuk masuk, kene keluar kitchen first..Macam bilik for pets

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