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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rumah Contoh Developer - Bilik Tidur Utama

Master Bedroom
Macamana pun, kene refer arah kiblat gak...maybe buleh letak belah kanan..(.bangun pagi ngadap sun rise..) mmm...side table appropriate lag ke skangg?
Simple je make-up table....buleh gak jadi working table....or should add a working table?or we put bed here?
Buil-in wardrobe...yes!practical....kene ngn L-shape size ...maybe we can put glass sliding door...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rumah Contoh

Ruang Tamu

Ruang Tamu

Nmpk agak future..i nk ltk tv only on the panel wall...Rak2 tu sebenarnya nati menyusahkan..Ye la, bila ada space, nati ada la org letak brg yg x sepatutnya berada kt situ eg newspaper, magazine, etc....nati kite yg kene kemas...(from experience)

I ada g umah kwn yg hanya letak tv on the panel wall...mmg nice..

Rumah Contoh

Inilah rumah contoh daripada developer....

Ruang makan
Ruang Makan ke Ruang Tamu....

Sebelah kiri, wall tu, adalah bilik tidur bawah.Ruang di sini nmpk sempit.....maybe should consider full mirror on the wall ...kang, nk mkn, rasa meriah...4 org mkn cam 8 org mkn....

Inspired LaundryRoom Ideas

Neutral theme

European style......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I choose to start my list with "Laundry Room" it is among the small category room...(not including rest room, ya...that will be later...who knows I need to spend more time with rest room list...)

Our current house (after renovation) has a space at back of guest room (1st F)...which we applied as our so-called laudry room ...

Here, we put:

  • Washing machine (6kg top loading) we bought  one (1) day after our reception ...i have to go for easy n simple operating washing machine since i have to consider my mom in-law...
  • Ampaian kain (both outside n inside)

  • Ironing board
  • Sewing machine (my mom in-law's) very ancient one...SI***R model with its table
Emmmm...very x tersusunn...
Yg advantage nye...
  • Open space - mmg bagus untuk pengudaraan for ur clothing...baju kering elok...x kene direct sunlight
  • whenever we went out, x risau baju x kering, just angkat dr ampain luar masuk ke ampaian dlm
Yg x best dilihatnya...
  • Bila space dh besar, mcm2 sumbat/letakk...mcm stor pun ada

Monday, October 26, 2009


As a kick-start, I shall use this method:

  1. Compare our current house (environment, electrical appliances,etc maklumla kids are growing) with what-we-want in Lavender (kene upgrade)
  2. Compare the available ideas/designs 
  3. List of our limitations (budget, future use,etc)
  4. Evaluation on furnitures, electrical appliances proposed (price, maintenance,practicality) with comments from other users
  5. Advice from owners,experts
  6. Are renovation work require? (means another budget to be allocated)
Currently, we have the budget which I shall working on it starting now.......

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is my story...

I married on 05/2005.. our 1st son born on 15/03/2006 and our 2nd son born on 15/05/2008.

We live with his parents (my father in-law & my mom in-law) since we've married.But, we stay in new terrace house which his father bought after his retirement (my husband as 2nd owner).He also contributed a large sum of money for the renovation and the house's expenses totally under us...

My husband has the only sibling ..his sister.

His sister (2 years older than him) married on 2001, but only got her 1st daughter on 07/2008.

After we married, his sister stayed at their current house at KL...

So, actually what is our status? Living with parents or parents living with us?

Friday, October 23, 2009


We are going to move into our new 'own' house, maybe early 2011...(huh,lamanye lag)

But , for me , i want something la...almost my salary 'went' to this house.ops our salary (nati baba kecik hati!)

The design of the house is modern concept....which i like most.

The biggest part is ...i nk ada my own kitchen yg praktikal yet organized